Sunday, February 10, 2008

MawMaw goes Dancing

MawMaw Chic is a recurring theme at the salon.
We come across alot of chic and not so chic ladies of another generation.
I am not sure where the fascination began, could have been a trip to Jonathan Adler a salon client or a chic grandmother or two in the family. Look at her wallpaper for god's sake. Beauty is hanging around her house.

There is alot to learn from these women and we the workers of shampoo are listening.
MawMaw Wisdom.
Shampoo is on a mission to expose this truth.
Somehow it seems right to mention Leslie and the Lys
at this time. Coming to Denton, TX on February 29th at Hailey's. WOW!
She is an internet hero who holds a few MawMaw characteristics up high. Spandex, Crafts, Wigs and Wisdom. We won't miss this bedazzling event.

P.S. Shout out to Allison Smith for telling me to blog!
It's official Shampoo is now blogged. I would never step foot in a salon that isn't releasing a daily diary. Trusting someone to cut your hair is Huge. So here we will share what's going on over at Shampoo. (website under construction). gotta go manage my testimonials, see you tomorrow.